Cold Shoulder Top

Most of the time, less is more. But sometimes, doing something a little wonky can produce some dope results: enter this oversized button up that needed some sprucing, so I turned into a cold shoulder top! I wore this to an event a few weeks back and lemme just say how I much I was IN LOVE with this look. Granted, functionality was a bit limited in my upper region, but it’s the price to pay to slaaayyyy.cold shoulder top cold shoulder top

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate these floral printed mules from Topshop. I haven’t really shopped at TS before because the price point can be too steep for what they are selling buuuuuuuttttt, these mules right here were under $50! It would’ve been shopping blasphemy to not get them. topshop floral mulescold shoulder top Related: Oversized Boyfriend Shirt

Last week was rough for me guys. I mean…I’m pretty much always on an emotional rollercoaster but last week was full of twist and turns and I felt completely out of it. Quite frankly, I felt alone. And that feeling sucks heavily. It made me realize that: 1) I need to go see a therapist. For my own mental wellbeing, I need to let these thoughts out and get professional advice. 2) I need to get back into church, actively. Despite my feelings, church is a community. And community means togetherness. 3) Some things are just out of my control. All I can do is my part, and let God handle the rest. With that said, starting off this week on a brighter note than last. Here’s to realization!
cold shoulder top cold shoulder top

James Jeans High Class Skinny (sold out; similar) | Zara Oversized Shirt (similar) | Topshop Floral Mules (similar)

All Photography by Kristen Ashley

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