Mustard Longline Vest

mustard longline vestmustard longline vest

Never thought I’d see the day where I would wear this bold of a color again, but, here I stand with this mustard longline vest! I’ve been incorporating more color into my life lately because, well, I just feel like it. White and neutrals will forever have my heart. But I’ve become more experimental with my style these days, and that includes messing around with some colaaahhhh.mustard longline vestmustard longline vest

I feel like I haven’t gotten “deep” with yall in a minute lol. Don’t worry, a #SeyiSpeaks post is coming later this week. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say, but I do like to make sure that my thoughts are fully fleshed out being publishing. As of late, I haven’t felt the urge to really do that. And I’m understanding that’s ok. It doesn’t always have to be serious and deep 24/7. Being carefree and just enjoying life, being simple, and having a good time, is never a bad thing and it doesn’t mean that I’m less woke, less conscious, or whatever (I feel like this is getting deep now lol).

Enjoy life. Really. It’s too short not to. I still have my sucky days. I cry. Sometimes I get very upset at things. But, I still have my great days. I still enjoy being around those that I love. I like having a good time. And I want to cherish those moments and those times.

Forever 21 Mustard Longline Vest, Zara Culottes (similar), 4th & Reckless Heels (identical)

All Photography by Kristen Ashley

Until next time…

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