Lace Spaghetti Strap Midi

lace spaghetti strap midilace spaghetti strap midi

This lace spaghetti strap midi dress may look very familiar because I wore this on my birthday weekend and shared it via the gram. I definitely meant to share this look like…a month and some change ago, but, life happened and I took an unexpected hiatus. But I’m back! I’m legit like the boy who cried wolf always saying I’m back. But feels good to be back to the grind. But of course I had to do it real justice and shoot some HQ photos featuring these new babies (shoes) c/o Ego Official.

lace spaghetti strap midi lace spaghetti strap midi lace spaghetti strap midi

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I would just like to point out how grateful I am to be able to collaborate with brands (and the people who run those brands) that are so sweet. Honestly. Coming across just genuinely nice people is rare these days and I feel like I can sense those things through digitally. All that to say, you never know who may know who, or how what you say or do can impact someone so, send positive vibes when you encounter someone.

lace spaghetti strap midi lace spaghetti strap midi

I’ve styled this dress (c/o Ali&Jay) so many ways (most recently with a denim jacket and sneakers). It’s just that versatile. And we all know I’m one for getting a bang for my buck when it comes to clothing pieces. My favorite part is the sheer paneling, and the slit just adds that OOMPH! What’s your favorite summer piece?

Lace Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress | Ego Official Ruffle Heels | Thrifted Purse

All Photography by Kristen Ashley


  1. april_fashion | 9th Aug 17

    I love this look! And the shoes.. Omg

  2. Joy | 25th Jul 17

    Love this look! & LOL @ your reference to the boy who cried wolf…glad you’re back!

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